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Welcome to OJ’s RaceDirector Blog! Since 2014 we have been working on the subject of “Digital Twin” in Motorsport. What is it and why did we do that?

RaceDirector, the Digitale Twin in Motorsport

We believe that the entertainment value and attractiveness of motorsport events can be increased and the generation XYZ is waiting for new applications. Apart from the big racing series, there aren’t any visual presentation of motorsport races. It’s sounds logical and it’s a fact that a small racing series can hardly afford a media coverage or TV broadcast.

Digital Twin Demo – Karting

RaceDirector for Racing Series

This issue can be solved with RaceDirector. All you need is GNSS positioning data (for example, GPS). This data can be transformed and displayed in a 3D computer simulation. We call this technology “Digital Twin”. Last but not least the fan can watch his preferred racing series live or on demand on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Twitter. Further details you can find in these articles – RaceDirector for Racing Series and Unlimited Perspectives

RaceDirector for Track Day Drivers

RaceDirector is not only suitable for racing series organizers, but also for all track day drivers, whether kart, car or motorcycle. Again, the position data (e.g., GPS) is recorded with corresponding data loggers. These data can then be integrated into the RaceDirector app and are then available to the user for comparison and analysis. It should be mentioned that at the moment (June 2019) this is the only solution available worldwide.

Analytics RaceDirector TrackDay
Comparison RaceDirector TrackDay

The RaceDirector TrackDay app is available in the Apple and Play Store.

Enjoy reading OJ’s RaceDirector Blog!

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