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In this article, I describe how to make a 1Hz logger from a 5Hz logger. This logger is a very affordable consumer logger, it’s the BT-Q1000XT from Qstarz. According to the specification, this logger can record the data with a maximum of 1Hz. That would be not enough for RaceDirector. No problem, we have found a legal way to save the data at 5Hz.

Here I show you what you have to do so the logger records with 5Hz. No fear! It’s just a small thing and it works without changing the firmware which means that the warranty remains.

5Hz sampling rate does not mean that the data is also stored at 5Hz!

The logger is the BT-Q-1000XT from Qstarz. If you want to save the data at 5Hz, it will not work. The description of the logger must be read carefully to understand what Qstarz wants to communicate to its customers – see Hardware Features / Update Rate. Yes, the logger can receive the data in 5Hz (that’s the sampling rate), but records it on the device only with 1Hz. This is somehow misleading and very disappointing, if you can not process the data with 5Hz.

We have found a way to change just that little detail. Just set the two parameters to zero and the data will be recorded at 5Hz and not as described with 1Hz. That sounds easy, it is too 😉

Qstarz QTravel Application
Qstarz QTravel Windows application

Additionally the Qstarz Logger offers SBAS (DGPS). With SBAS the GPS positioning data can be corrected and allows accuracies of up to 1.5 meters. For this Qstarz offers the Microsoft Windows application “QstarzGPSView” – see picture below. With QstarzGPSView you can check the function of the logger and make a few important settings. One of RaceDirector’s most important features is SBAS. In the picture below you can see where you can activate this function. About SBAS, please find more details in this article – GNSS – Why is it useful for RaceDirector?

Qstarz GPS View

Qstarz the Windows application QstarzGPSView

Concerning mounting on different vehicles, we have already gained some experience. I want to show you how we solved it on a KTM XBow.

Qstarz Mounting
Mounting on a KTM XBow

We use the Dual Lock Velcro closure from 3M. We have only made good experiences in terms of durability and simplicity. If the surface is clean, then the tape sticks perfectly. Ideally, you can remove the tape without residue – is also important.

3M SJ3560 Dual Lock – flexibler Druckverschluss, 25 mm x 1,25 m, transluzent, 1er Pack

We highly recommend both the Qstarz Logger BT-Q1000XT and the 3M Dual Lock Velcro.

For 130, – EUR you get a perfect equipment for your track day.

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