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Is the AIM MyChron5 Dashboard the perfect solution for RaceDirector? AIM offers with the MyChron5 Dashboard an “affordable” solution for all kart racing drivers. I do not describe the features of MyChron5 and Race Studio in this article, but I’d like to show you how easily your recorded GPS data can be used in RaceDirector.

In this video, I’ll show you how to export your GPS data from Race Studio Analysis and upload it with RaceDirector. As a result you will see your laps in the RaceDirector TrackDay app.

As you can see, this is very quick and easy. It does not matter if you choose only one lap or all laps for export. We recommend selecting all laps. Thus all laps are available in RaceDirector and it’s more fun to compare the laps.

AIM MyChron5 – The perfect combination with RaceDirector

Our research has shown that AIM uses very high-quality GPS chips in their devices and thus records very accurate position data. If you look at the website of AIM, then this is also promoted:

MyChron5 GPS

How much does the Dash Logger cost and where can you buy it? Find AIM MyChron5 here.

How do you connect your MyChron5 device to Race Studio? Watch this video:

Connection MyChron5 with Race Studio

We can highly recommend the MyChron5 Dashboard in combination with RaceDirector. Once your are registered you will find in the app many laps on different racetracks recorded with MyChron5, for e.g. in Styria, Rechnitz, Ptuj, …

You can find further details about GPS accuracy in this article – GNSS – Why is it useful for RaceDirector

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