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Unlimited Perspectives

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This article is dedicated to the unlimited perspectives in the RaceDirector TrackDay app. What does that mean and what future opportunities coming with?

The advantage of a digital twin is i.a. in that the user can view all objects from his desired perspective. That means freedom in the choice of viewing. In contrast to television, the user decides himself and not the director of the TV station.

RaceDirector is not a replacement for TV, but a supplement

In the near future a 3D computer simulation will not be able to match the quality of a TV picture. A 4K TV signal just looks better than a 4K computer processed graphics. Apart from that, it has to be considered that RaceDirector has been developed for mobile devices (smartphone and tablet). Processing 4K pictures means that the battery will not last very long. As always in life, you have to find a compromise. There is nothing wrong with using both sources and combining the advantages of both systems. If you want a good overview of the race, RaceDirector is the best choice. At the same time, the user can follow the race with beautiful pictures on the TV – this is called Dual Screen.

Be a Part of the Race

With RaceDirector we achieved that the user is his own director. He therefore decides from which perspective he would like to watch the race. This creates a whole new user experience. It’s just more fun to watch the race from the perspective of your favorite driver. In order to get a better understanding what I’m talking about, have a look at the two following videos below. These are whole races at the Red Bull Ring, where we have recorded the GPS data of all vehicles with Qstarz loggers. In these videos I have chosen the perspective of a ghost racer. Thus, I’m also a part of the races.

Real race on the Red Bull Ring from the perspective of a self-driven Ghost
Motorcycle races at the Red Bull Ring from different perspectives

Fitting to the topic “Unlimited Perspectives”, I also want to show you further possibilities. In the RaceDirector app you can also chose between a drone or helicopter. This allows the user to watch the race with a self-controlled aircraft.

Styria Kart – Drohnen-Perspektive

Future technologies, such as augmented reality can be used. There are still many doubters and critics who do not believe that such technologies will find their way into the living room. However, we have developed a demo. We think the result is cool and we are convinced that we are not alone.

Red Bull Ring HoloLens
Red Bull Ring with Microsoft HoloLense
Red Bull Ring HoloLens
Red Bull Ring RaceDirector

Augmented reality is definitely the future. Virtual Reality has been hyped in recent years, unfortunately killer applications are missing. We believe that RaceDirector is one of these applications, where VR makes sense. We follow the Google approach: Put the smartphone in the glasses and there you go.

RaceDirector for Track Day Driver

RaceDirector was not exclusively developed for racing series. With RaceDirector TrackDay, we address all track day drivers who drive in their leisure time on secured racetracks – whether kart, car or motorcycle. When the position data is recorded (for example GPS), this data can be displayed in RaceDirector TrackDay and the user can relive his entire Track Day from different perspectives. In addition, you can compare your own laps or you can compare your laps with laps from other drivers.

Auto: Red Bull Ring; Kart: Rechnitz; Motorrad: Brno

I hope I could bring you the added value in terms of unlimited perspectives a little bit closer? However, it is best, if you make yourself an oppinion. The RaceDirector TrackDay app can be found in the Apple and Play Store. There is still a Mac and Windows version, but also a WebGL version. You can use WebGL without plugin in your browser.

All further information can be found here: Get the App

Have fun trying out!

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