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RaceDirector for Racing Series


This article is dedicated to the topic of how RaceDirector can be used for racing series and what it offers a racing series organizer for added value – Apart from the added value for his fans.

Basic Idea

The basic idea of RaceDirector for racing series is that for the first time it is possible to broadcast events of racing series – whether small, medium or large – live or on demand in all Internet channels. To better describe it, let’s start with the current situation. Currently, only large racing series, such as F1, DTM, NASCAR, Indy Car, Moto GP afford to broadcast their racing series live on TV. Of course, this is related to the associated advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Where there are many fans and viewers, of course, more money flows. And who has high revenues, can afford a TV broadcast.

A TV broadcast is very expensive because a lot of people are working to be able to offer a correspondingly high-quality broadcast. The number of TV cameras per racetrack alone means an enormous use of personnel resources. Then there is the whole TV infrastructure, such as TV trucks and central processing in the studio, etc, etc …

Live Broadcast even for small Racing Series

So if I am an organizer of a “small” racing series, probably the business plan will not work. Although there are approaches to braodcast the event e.g. via YouTube, but we will never get the result of a TV station and will never be so attractive to advertisers and sponsors. That’s what it’s about! The more people can be reached, the more advertising can be placed and the more sponsors will spend their money in this series.

TV Range, the argument for sponsors and advertisers

And that’s exactly where RaceDirector comes in. With RaceDirector, all races can be broadcast live or on demand and made available to the viewer / fan. What does live mean in the context of RaceDirector? In this case, we talk about all common and well-known Internet platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter but also from the RaceDirector app.

Added Value RaceDirector Racing Series
Added Value for Drivers, Teams and Organizer

Through all these channels fans and spectators can watch the event. This means that all race series, big or small, can make their event live.

RaceDirector for all Racing Series

Unlike expensive TV broadcasting, the RaceDirector digital twin technology is a very affordable option. Depending on the size, the costs for the racing series organizer are between 25,000, – EUR and 150,000, – EUR per season. The prices vary depending on the number of races on different racetracks. TV broadcasts start at around 500,000, – EUR per season. This alone shows the commercial added value of RaceDirector.

RaceDirector can afford any racing series

Advantages of RaceDirector compared to a TV broadcast:

  • All Internet channels can be operated simultaneously
  • Users can direct themselves and show the race to other users from their perspective (User Centricity)
  • Broadcast is also available in the RaceDirector app
  • Affordable for all racing series, regardless of their size
  • Advertising can be placed individually

Benefits for Sponsors and Advertising

From the point of view of a sponsor or an advertiser one must imagine the situation with a TV broadcaster, as follows. Basically, the vehicles have the highest medial presence to ride for victory. Of course, who is in front is often in the picture. Thus, the brands and banners on the vehicle for the viewer / fan are often visible. This is a bit different with RaceDirector. After the user decides from which perspective he would like to see the race, all vehicles have basically the same attractiveness.

The following scenario: User is a fan of a driver who drives in midfield, so not yet belongs to the top five. With RaceDirector, the fan can watch the entire race from the perspective of this driver. This also means that he sees all the stickers and thus sponsors of this driver throughout the race. This is not possible without RaceDirector! But this also means that RaceDirector increases the attractiveness of the sponsors and advertising partners of the racing series. Apart from the entertainment value for the fan, the first time he has the opportunity to watch the race from the perspective of his favorite driver.

A long and difficult way

Racing series are difficult to convince. NASCAR, Indy Car and Formula E already do it.

Our experience has shown that racing series are very difficult to convince to use new technologies. Among other things, this is probably because decision makers are all well over 50 years old and are struggling to believe that generation XYZ has new / different access to media consumption. The standard statement here is “Who watch a race with such an app?” Fortunately, there are already solutions at NASCAR and Indy Car proving that it works and is accepted by the fans. In Europe there will be a similar solution in Formula E in 2020 – we are curious what that looks like and what the reaction of the fans will be. But we are convinced that it is well received. Ultimately, it can only help us if there are comparable products and prove that the digital twin in motorsport is a promising model.

Our Vision

All racing series use the digital twin to broadcast their racing series

Imagine all racing series (whether kart, car or motorcycle) transmit their event using the digital twin technology. That means that the fan / viewer always has the opportunity to watch his racing series Live or On Demand. In comparison, we live today in the Stone Age and are dependent on the big events and TV stations that can afford it. This is “Old School” (keyword: Linear Television) and will not work in the long run.

Author: OJ

PS: We believe in this technology and also see opportunities in other sports, such as skiing. This would be the first time possible to show the viewer how steep the slope really is – in the TV picture that’s not possible.

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