Visualize your GPX Data with TrackExplorer

TrackExplorer, General

TrackExplorer is a new product based on the idea of RaceDirector. The difference is that with TrackExplorer you can use any GPX file. You have different activities to choose from and no matter where on earth you have recorded the data, the data can be displayed with TrackExplorer. With TrackExplorer you can easily view your GPX data in a 3D environment. We show you how to visualize your GPX data and how the result looks like. TrackExplorer is based on the same idea as RaceDirector. A detailed description of the idea can be found in the blog post Unlimited Perspectives.

TrackExplorer Quick Overview

Via the website TrackExplorer Upload you can easily upload any GPX file. If your GPX file does not have a timestamp, you can decide during the upload with which speed your data should be displayed in TrackExplorer. This is necessary if you create the GPX file with a route planner – in most cases there are no timestamps available. We offer different activity categories displaying your data in TrackExplorer. Depending on your selection, your uploaded data will be displayed with your chosen activity.

TrackExplorer Activities

After the upload was successful – your data is still checked for consistency – you can view your data in the TrackExplorer app. Either directly in your browser or with the Android app.

TrackExplorer WebGL

What does TrackExplorer look like?

Pictures say more than a thousand words. In the video we show you how the upload works and how you can visualize your GPX data using TrackExplorer.

Grand Canyon Bycicle Tour

GPX a Standard that works

The GPX format is the GPS Exchange format. It is based on the general XML standard. An XML schema describes the elements and structure of the GPS Exchange Format. As file extension the abbreviation .gpx is used – details, see Wiki. The advantage of a standardized format is that it can be assumed that the data is always stored in the same format. If this is the case, it facilitates the interaction of different applications without much programming effort.

TrackExplorer and GPX

We concentrated on the data format GPX and tried to make it possible to upload almost all GPX – with and without timestamps. As always, even with a standardized format, there are always some “exotic” – entries in the GPX file, which we can’t interpret, because we have never seen it before or even thought that there are such entries. If you notice something or the upload doesn’t work, please contact us and we will check it out. More details about GPX can be found in this blog post Check Your Track.


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